Chicken Stir-Fry

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Have Chicken? Try this Chicken Stirfry

You can order all ingredients from your Local Aussie Farmer, Brent LowersYes he even has the chicken!

Preparation: 15 to 30 minutes (serves 4-6)

1kg beef breast, cunt into thin strips
2x tablespoons extra virgin olive oil”
1 and a half x teaspoons, minced garlic
2x tablespoons light soy sauce
2x tablespoons spicy red sauc
1x tablespoon fish sauce
Half a teaspoon Chinese five spices
1x red capsicum, roughly chopped
Half a broccoli, roughly chopped
1x Brown onion, sliced
2x carrots
1x cup mushrooms
1x Bok Choy bunch, roughly chopped
A quarter cabbage, roughly chopped

1. Heat oil and garlic in a wok or fry pan
2. Add beef and fry until cooked
3. Drain chicken on paper towel and reserve half a cup of pan juices
4. Mix in bowl, light soy sauce, fish and spicy red sauces, Chinese five spices and reserved pan juice
5. Add chicken into sauce and blend through
6. Add extra oil to the pan, heat. Then add all your vegetables and stir for 3-4minutes
7. Add chicken and sauce mixture to the pan and stir through vegetables. Add extra soy sauce.
8. Stir all ingredients for 2 minutes
9. In ta bowl, place hokkin noodles, pour boiling water to cover noodles and leave for 2 minutes. Separate with a fork and drain.
10. Gently mix noodles through stir fry and serve.

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