Murarrie – Suburb in Brisbane

Murarrie Pond in Metroplex

Murarrie is situated at the mouth of the Brisbane River and offers beautiful Parks for Recreation like the above one in the heart of the Metroplex Business precinct

The Bulimba Creek is one of the many waterways in the area and was a popular camping place for Aborigines who are attributed to having formulated the name Murarrie which has been translated as ‘sticky’ or ‘sticky mud’ or ‘sticky soil’

This might give you the idea of quite a ‘wet’ area…which it is to some extend and the really beautiful thing about that is the multitude of wildlife

Murarrie was actually mostly Bushland until the 1950’s…way before my time in the area however I’ve been fortunate to still have seen large flocks of Ibises just across the road from me

This is where the Ibises have now moved to, the wetland area within the Metroplex Business precinct

Ibis Flock

You can find a number of sites giving you statistics about Murarrie however I’d like to use this page to convey some of the beauty, great spots and people of Murarrie

The beauty is in the many ‘green’ areas, parks and walkways, which makes it great for walking leisurely as well as for healthy exercise. There are also bike ways and you can ride directly under the Gateway Bridges (re-named to ‘Sir Leo Hilsher Bridges’ after the second bridge was built)

Another fantastic feature of Murarrie is it’s short distance from the City, only 8 km (I make it 12 min by car when all traffic lights are green)

If you are a fan of the beaches or work outside of Brisbane, it is only 40 min each to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast when using the Gateway Motorway

Looking for a home in Murarrie you’ve got a number of choices. In the oldest part of Murarrie, near Wynnum Rd and the Railway, the homes were built in the 60’s so are of the older style with very large gardens

From the Railway up to Lytton Rd and Creek Rd the homes were build around the 80’s, so more modern and on smaller blocks. Recently developed was the area from Creek Rd to Lytton Rd and across towards Cannon Hill Railway with very modern, stylish homes but on very small blocks

The great thing I see in Murarrie is the enthusiasm of residents to up-grade and beautify their homes and gardens and the wonderful ideas some come up with when renovating

While there are a number of rental properties now in Murarrie, the majority of homes in Murarrie are still owner occupied and that allows for a nice mix of people from a variety of backgrounds and with many different ideas on how to interact with neighbours

That brings me to the residents of Murarrie…and what a variety we have!

Murarrie is a mixture of people in employment, people with small businesses working from home and businesses employing people

People are the heart of the Murarrie suburb and many cultures and backgrounds are represented