Investment Property in Brisbane

Investment Property in Brisbane New Listing Are you an Investment Property Buyer? Investment Property in Brisbane is popular Brisbane offers some great opportunities to invest in Property This Investment Property in Brisbane listing is in Hemmant, a suburb adjacent to Murarrie Click on the picture and get all the details […]

More Input Into State Schools

Local Residents to have more Inputs into State Schools Communities across Queensland will have a greater say on how their local state schools operate under the new Great teachers = Great Results Plan The plan to invest $535 million of additional funding in Queensland schools will focus on improving teacher […]

September Holiday Fun

Almost Here! September School Holidays The September School Holidays are traditionally very busy for many families going away as the accommodation pricing is less than in the summer holidays …but what if you can’t go away? You might not be eligible for holidays right now, there could be a whole […]

50km/h in local streets… will they be enforced?

THE 50km/h SPEED LIMIT RULE IS SIMPLE! IN BUILT UP AREAS, DRIVE NO FASTER THAN 50km/h, UNLESS YOU SEE A SIGN STATING OTHERWISE How will the 50km/h local street speed limit be enforced? As with the current speed limit, the 50km/h local street speed limit will be enforced by the […]

Switch On To Power Saving

Top 10 Power Saving Tips! With electricity costs rising! and temperatures dipping, now is the perfect time to get charged up about charging your home habits. We’ve put together our top tips to help take the shock out of your next changes can add up to big savings over a […]

Chicken Stir-Fry

Recipe of the week Have Chicken? Try this Chicken Stirfry You can order all ingredients from your Local Aussie Farmer, Brent LowersYes he even has the chicken! CHICKEN STIR FRY Preparation: 15 to 30 minutes (serves 4-6) INGREDIENTS: 1kg beef breast, cunt into thin strips 2x tablespoons extra virgin olive […]