Waste Transfer Station

Waste Transfer Station Decision Coming, or Just a Waste of Time?

After three years and over 1000 days of waiting, Murarrie residents still have no answer on the proposed Waste Transfer station which is supposedly to be situated in their neighbourhood.

Murarrie Progress Association President Alfio Russo and Angela McDonald have given some very good reasons as to why the community has been fighting so hard to stop this waste transfer station from being built:

  • Proposed would be 24/7 rock smashing and grinding
  • This causes dust pollution in the air
  • Possibility of asbestos
  • Also increase in traffic around Murarrie
  • Murarrie encourages cycling, having huge trucks and unsatisfactory scenery would be counter-intuitive to this
  • Noise complaints would be much expected

Local Community Correspondent Tasneem Zavery did an excellent interview featured on 612 ABC Brisbane and you can listen to it here

If it happens in Murarrie, it could happen in other suburbs as well?

With the proposal still in question, the residents of Murarrie are hoping that if worse comes to worst,  the station might be moved to a location further from residential areas.

Locations that are more industrious and would likely go unnoticed if more noise and dust were added.

However, things are not looking good. As stated by Angela McDonald in the radio interview with 612 ABC Brisbane, if there is a waste transfer transfer station in Murarrie, there can be one in any suburb, including yours

Hopefully a decision will be made soon, one that does not put residents at risk

Murarrie Pond in Metroplex








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